GallioTempo - Fine Italian Watches

GallioTempo - Fine Italian Watches

Haute Review has teamed up with GallioTempo the Italian Maker of fine watches, bringing you this review exclusively.  But before I move forward, if you're interested in purchasing one use the code: 

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What is more synonymous with luxury than anything Italian? Face it! From Alfa Romeo to Zagato, Italians do it all and do it well!  There is no exception when it comes to this timepiece.

GallioTempo is an Italian company developed and eventually made up of a dynamic team of young people sharing a common passion for watches, quality and innovation. The idea for the brand name stems from the name of the town of its ancestors, and the company’s first watch, the Trident, is a heartfelt dedication to its rural origins.

GallioTempo is currently one of the very few Italian companies that makes excellent quality hand made and automatic watches. To be honest I can think of only a few names, such as Panerai and U-Boat that come to my mind.  With GallioTempo you can rest assured that each and every component is hand-crafted by skilled artisans and the watches are proudly designed and assembled in Turin, now where will you find another watch with these traits? The overall process further exemplifies  the quality guaranteed by the best Italian craftsmanship.

This first watch is further enhanced with precision Citizen Miyota 821A movement and a custom designed rotor with the engraved brand name.  The movement is highly reliable and widely used throughout watch brands from all over the world.

The strap enjoys the unique characteristic of being made by sailcloth; which known to few but as the name intends, the same material used to make ship sails, which guarantee superior performance.  The strap is comfortable, durable and well made.  A "hybrid" type strap that can be used for dress-up occasions as well as everyday wear.

All in all, GallioTempo provides a fine, quality made watch at an affordable price tag.  For the discerning collector who wants something unique, reliable and well made you truly can't go wrong.

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