Review - Mont Blanc Indivduel Eau de Toilette

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Mont Blanc Indivduel Eau de Toilette

Cologne is a very personal and very individualized experience, one would say it is the ultimate accessory for those who care to make a good first impression.  Mont Blanc's Individual Eau de Toilette is a surprising affordable fragrance that in my opinion should be easily liked by all.

Depending on your skin type, and how you perceive various scents you may experience a completely different scent once its been absorbed and dried down; for me the scent has a very soft opening,  project well, not overly abrasive and is perfect for the office or a picnic on a beautiful spring day.  

The top and main notes I get remind me of entering a florists shop as you are welcomed by that scent of fresh flowers, some of the notes in the scent itself are orange blossom and violet which is probably where I get that opinion from.  

The projection over time is not harsh at all, providing a dependable and reputable soft scent for a moderate amount of time.  In my opinion a few sprays prior to work should be all you need to get you through most of your work day.  Some of the main notes that you may get throughout the day include sandalwood, mint, and the ever-popular patchouli; with all these floral scents it is quite surprising that this scent still maintains a masculine profile.  

Soft, non-intrusive and appealing is the best way to describe it, as with any cologne or perfume your mileage may vary but for the price it's definitely worth a try.

A beautifully packaged reflective chrome box introduces the presentation with an attractive bottle and well thought out spray cap adorned with the Mont Blanc logo makes this an easy pick for your spring collection.

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