Garrard - The 12 Jewels of Garrard Christmas Guide

Garrard - The 12 Jewels of Garrard Christmas Guide

With the festive season almost upon us, Garrard has compiled a Christmas gift guide filled with
inspiring ideas for jewelry lovers.  Featuring the new alongside the classic, magnificent colored stones and diamonds, the 12 Jewels of Garrard Christmas gift guide is a celebration of the House’s esteemed heritage, the best of British craftsmanship and the incredible team of all-female designers who envisaged all 12 pieces.

In a year where many of us have spent less time with our loved ones than usual, meaningful gifts take
on a new-found significance. Garrard’s iconic Wings collection has been popular the world over since
it made its first appearance in 2003.
The Wings Embrace earrings that feature in the gift guide are symbolic of peace, protection and
purity. “We had in mind the idea of being comforted, cared for and sheltered by the curve of a wing,”
says Claire Scott, Head of Design at Garrard. “This is a collection that’s both beautiful and
meaningful, which is why it is often chosen for significant occasions.”

Colored gemstones, a specialty of the House, are showcased throughout, from the classic sapphires,
rubies and emeralds in the 1735 collection to a charming oval pink sapphire – the center stone in an
Aloria cocktail ring. Inspired by Princess Diana’s iconic sapphire engagement ring, which today is
worn by Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, the 1735 collection interprets the famous cluster design in
vibrant colored stones framed by radiant halos of diamonds. The elegant curves that unite the Aloria
collection, meanwhile, were inspired by Garrard’s setting of the Cullinan I – the world’s largest cut
and colorless diamond – re-imagined in 2020 by the House’s designers as a captivating motif with a
powerful sense of strength, spirit and unity.

An exquisitely feminine interpretation of the fans worn by ladies at the grand opera masquerades that
were the height of fashion in 1735, the year in which Garrard was founded, modern, stylised Fanfare
jewels dance with brilliance upon a captivating pendant and ear climbers. Comprised of two delicate
parts worn in front and behind the ear, the ingenious design of the ear climbers sees them overlap to
form a spectacular three-dimensional diamond and mother-of-pearl fan The House’s heritage is showcased in a pair of Muse Starlight earrings, which pay homage to Queen Alexandra, one of Garrard’s most dazzling royal patrons, and her beloved star jewels, while several Regal Cascade jewels also reference Garrard’s storied royal history. A celebration of one of its finest achievements, the setting of the Great Star of Africa – the most impressive stone cut from the great Cullinan Diamond – atop the Sovereign’s Scepter in 1910, Garrard revisits the iconic scroll setting anew in timeless jewels that entrance with aquamarines and sapphires, and beautiful mother-of-pearl accents.

“The 12 Jewels of Garrard Christmas gift guide is intended to showcase some of the House’s most
enduringly popular designs, alongside fresh ideas, such as the new Aloria stacking rings, that are
perfect for gifting,” says Sara Prentice, Creative Director at Garrard. 

“In a year where many of us have taken the time to re-evaluate what is important to us, giving the gift of a beautiful piece of jewelry that will be worn and loved today, tomorrow and forever takes on a newfound significance.”

Credits for the 12 Jewels of Garrard jewelry pieces are as follows:

1. 1735 Double Cluster oval sapphire and diamond ring and 1735 oval ruby and diamond ring,
both in platinum
2. 1735 oval emerald and diamond drop earrings in platinum

3. Aloria diamond rings in platinum and 18 carat yellow gold

4. Petal sapphire and diamond ear climbers in 18 carat white gold
5. Aloria pink sapphire, diamond and cacholong opal cocktail ring in 18 carat white gold

6. Muse Starlight diamond stud earrings in 18 carat white gold

7. Regal Cascade aquamarine and diamond earrings in 18 carat white gold and sapphire and
diamond earrings in 18 carat white gold
8. Fanfare diamond and mother-of-pearl bangle in 18 carat white gold

9. Fanfare diamond and mother-of-pearl ear climbers in 18 carat rose gold

10. Aloria diamond pendant in 18 carat yellow gold
11. Wings Embrace diamond earrings in 18 carat white gold

12. Fanfare diamond and mother-of-pearl pendant in 18 carat white gold

Garrard offers a wide range of beautifully designed and exquisite jewelry with a long tradition to quality and craftsmanship.  Check out the entire collection at:

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