CYRUS KLEPCYS DICE - Monopusher Chronograph


An unprecedented monopusher chronograph capable of measuring 
two short intervals independently

I'm not much of a gambling man, but if I was I would bet this watch is a WINNER!  Monopusher chronographs are seldom seen in the watch community, even more seldom seen out in the wild. The sheer technical, manufacturing and design requirements of developing a reliable whilst aesthetic timepiece is sparingly achieved.  Cyrus has hit the mark with the Klepcys Dice.

CYRUS Geneva, the independent Swiss watch brand, enriches its Klepcys collection with a new chronograph model. Christened "KLEPCYS DICE", it is presented in two different versions in limited editions of 50 pieces each.

KLEPCYS DICE is the acronym of Klepcys Double Independent Chronograph Evolution. As its name indicates, it is an evolution of the traditional chronograph.

An innovative technical development, our master watchmaker, Jean-Fran├žois Mojon, has transformed it into a double chronograph capable of measuring two short intervals of time independently or in synchrony. However, it should not be confused with the rattrapante version, where the two hands track the time of two events that start simultaneously but end at different times or indicate an intermediate elapsed time.

The first reports of a double independent chronograph date back to 1873, when watchmaker Arnold Frankfeld registered the development of his 'Double-Stop Movements' at the New York patent office. To our knowledge, there is no more recent evidence of this kind of timepiece.

Since its foundation in 2010, the driving force behind every watchmaking creation at CYRUS is the ongoing "Conquest of Innovation". The bold and distinctive three-dimensional architecture that houses the atypical layouts of all Cyrus watches is only possible using cutting-edge technical solutions. These solutions also ensure excellent levels of reliability and precision.

All these aspects come to life in exclusive limited-edition timekeeping instruments that stand out in the vast landscape of contemporary watchmaking.

Thanks to the brand's independence, its swift decision-making process, its production autonomy and impressive watchmaking know-how, CYRUS is proud to present KLEPCYS DICE. Powered by an exceptional self-winding manufacture movement, KLEPCYS DICE is equipped with an unprecedented double independent monopusher chronograph.

What motivated the creation of a double independent chronograph?

For Jean-Fran├žois Mojon, the mastermind behind all CYRUS collections, the search for unique solutions that depart from classic watchmaking traditions are the way forward. The motivation behind the creation of KLEPCYS DICE comes directly from the world of sports with which CYRUS has a very special relationship, being “Official timekeeper and Watch partner” of the Uralkali Haas Formula 1 Team.

As Mojon explains: "This modern chronograph is the result of a deep reflection on the role of timing in sports competitions. In many sports, it is often important to measure elapsed times with different starting times. This occurs, for example, in races like marathons or biathlons where athletes do not cross the starting line at the same time or even in Formula 1 - a world very close to CYRUS - where two drivers, during the race tests, start at different times. In events like these, where the starting time is different for every sportsman, the KLEPCYS DICE chronograph can measure the times between two consecutive runners or racing drivers. A similar situation arises in car rallies, where it is common to use two independent chronographs. Our latest timepiece facilitates this operation thanks to the two monopusher crowns, which are essential to avoid any unwanted manipulation."

A bold identity

KLEPCYS DICE comes in a distinctive 26-part cushion-shaped case. With a diameter of 42 mm and a thickness of 16.5 mm, the case is water-resistant to 10 ATM/100 m.

Available in polished grade 5 titanium or black DLC grade 5 titanium, the case undergoes various finishing, alternating polished, satin-brushed and sandblasted surfaces. The case back is sealed with customized screws with the Maison's three-armed helix logo.

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