Linde Werdelin - Oktopus Moon 3DTP


A next generation Oktopus launches today, with two Oktopus Moon 3DTP’sTM (blue and white) showcasing an evolution of the Oktopus case and moonphase complication.

In a Linde Werdelin first, this is also the first complete case produced in pioneering 3-Dimensional Thin Ply Carbon (3DTPTM). Previously the bezel was made from ceramic.

With a case weight of 60 grams, the Oktopus Moon 3DTPTM is now the lightest watch thatL inde Werdelin has ever produced, (two grams less than the SpidoLite 3DTPTM), making it ani deal sports and diver’s watch, with extreme depths of 300m under water.

Establishing a new standard for the Oktopus collection going forward, the bezel has beenrefined and is more integrated into the case, sitting at a steeper angle towards the outer case.

The moonphase complication has taken a graphic turn, simpler and stronger to align with thea rchitectural and masculine aesthetic of Linde Werdelin. The lume is present in each of the moons as well as on the hands and indices and dial. In a further change, there is no moon appearing in the dial at all when the moon is not present in the night sky. 

It also features a custom-made Swiss movement.

The Oktopus case is sculpted into its signature geometric structure using proprietary 3DTPTM carbon composite, layered in sheets to ensure maximum lightness as well as durability. 

It is the world’s first proprietary technology carbon conceived for Swiss watchmaking, engineered to achieve calculated aesthetics in high precision.

Differing from traditional carbon fibre composites or forged carbon, 3DTP involves a technique of layering thin sheets of carbon that took many years to master. Being able to shape the 3DTP carbon without delamination is a feat of engineering. The resulting case is both strong and lightweight, becoming Linde Werdelin’s lightest-ever timepiece.

Blue and white accents have been applied to the respective dials, hands and indices, and can be paired with matching natural rubber straps that are interchangeable.

A special series of 59 pieces each, priced at £16k ex. VAT

Linde Werdelin is one of my favorites! 

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