Linde Werdelin - Linde Werdelin Celebrates 20 Years!

The origins of Linde Werdelin go back to the 1970’s when Morten Linde and Jorn Werdelin met and began a lifelong friendship. Jorn began his career as a financier, however coming from a third-generation watch retailer family, the horological industry was always in his DNA.  Morten became a successful product designer amongst others for watches.

2002 saw several events that occurred which would set in motion the creation of a new watch company. Jorn went skiing in Canada and found his JLC Reverso not appropriate for winter sports. Later that year a bad skiing accident resulted in Jorn breaking his back and during his recovery Jorn would often speak to Morten. During one of these discussions, Morten informed him about an innovation in watch design he was working on, that involved an interchangeable outer case.


Sensing a gap in the market, the friends decided to create Linde Werdelin with the aim of developing a wearable sports watch with innovative and hard-wearing sports instruments. Both timepieces and instruments were designed and produced between the studio in Denmark and suppliers in Switzerland.

In 2007 following the development of the first series of Linde Werdelin Biformeter sports watches and a land instrument for skiing, the duo focused on more sophisticated case structures and movements for the next generation of timepieces.

The first SpidoLite - inspired by a team climbing Everest - was launched successfully in 2009 at Basel and set the tone for expansion.  In 2010 the popular  Oktopus II was launched and Linde Werdelin commenced work with Dubois Depraz, Frederic Piquet and later with the Jaquet family at Concepto and Jean Francois Mojon and his team at Chronode. 

Between 2007 and 2015 Linde Werdelin participated in the Basel and Geneva fairs and established themselves with over 60 retail outlets across 30 countries.

2015 marked the beginning of a significant change not only to the industry, but also within Linde Werdelin. The emerging pre-owned online platforms challenged the traditional wholesale model and Linde Werdelin chose to move primarily to an online platform with direct customer contact. A focus on exclusive limited editions, bespoke customer service and personal relationships reflected a changing point of view. 

In 2016 the 3-Timer family was reintroduced as a more classic counterpart to the innovative Oktopus and Spido families. Linde Werdelin established its own pre-owned platform, in effect taking responsibility for every watch ever produced and fulfilling the idea of a circular economy. This together with customization of new and existing watches as well as a made to order production put sustainability into a growing focus of the company.

In 2020, more than 100 limited series of watches have been produced with around 5,000 pieces on owners’ wrists. When the world emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic Linde Werdelin will be launching a series of new watches, some with new complications as well as other surprises.

A whole host of some of the world's greatest engineering and design endeavors Linde Werdelin is always on the cutting edge of the watch industry. With a lot of "firsts" in the industry including an amazing series of collaborations and artists along with ingenuity of design join me in celebrating 20 years of Linde Werdelin! Cheers to many years ahead!

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