Luftgekühlt 8 - San Pedro, CA

Luftgekuhlt 8 

Luftgekühlt 8 was the latest installment of the ever popular annual show which this year took place in San Pedro, CA, San Pedro is one of the most important and iconic parts of Los Angeles. The Port of Los Angeles and the Pacific Coast's largest container ship facility is located here, which greatly influences the city's skyline. It is also home to a number of popular attractions, including Fisherman's Village, Ports O' Call Village, and Point Fermin Park.

Luftgekühlt 8 brought together car enthusiasts from all over the world to this lovely coastal city. The event (obviously) featured not only classic Porsches from the infancy of air-cooling technology through present day but also super, I mean super rare ones.  Did I emphasize rare enough?

The event drew in crowds to celebrate iconic Porsches not only in a vast open air venue where people could show off these cars but also an interior "hangar style" area showcasing some premium rides.  Air-cooled Porsches are a rarity in Southern California, and they're quickly becoming a special kind of collector's item. With the advent of modern electric and hybrid cars on the road, the older models are becoming even more difficult to find. BUT NOT HERE!!! SOO MANY TO SEE!!

And oh boy were there a bunch on display!

A dedicated class of car enthusiast has re-emerged, as the "car scene" has made a triumphant return here in Southern California. Long before the advent of computers and the internet, when driving was an experience in itself these enthusiasts have helped reinvigorate that culture with gatherings and events like Luftgekühlt.

One-of-a-kind and never before seen cars from all over the came to life at Luftgekühlt. The atmosphere was unique and featured an unforgettable experience that should not be missed.

This event brought together the most jaw-dropping automotive creations from all over the world. Attendees had the opportunity to see, hear, and get up close and personal to these unbelievably unique vehicles in a way that's never been done before. You know how you go to all the other shows and there are barricades, ropes and for the lack of a better term "force fields" around the cars?  For the most part Luftgekühlt did not, these cars were right there with you to see and enjoy and everyone was respectful of the awe before their very eyes.

These cars are worth millions of dollars and are truly an experience that can't be missed.

Some highlights 

I use the word "highlight" sparingly here, there was soo much to do and see! Some of the things that I enjoyed are below.  WARNING!!! This is by no means a comprehensive list you definitely need to get over to the next show!!

Type 7 Volume 3

Fans of the series will be able to get their hands on Type 7 Volume 3 for the first time. Approximately 200 copies of the latest installment was available to purchase, an unbelievable opportunity as well as if you wished you can have it signed by the team from Type 7.

Kinesis Motorsport 

Back in full stride returning on this eighth installment of Luftgekühlt. 

Kinesis Motorsports revolves around crafting timeless styles - built on the premise to evoke an emotional response through design and performance. Kinesis is passionate about building something that all enthusiasts can enjoy - and trust me most did, whether they were a customer or not!

Leica Camera

Leica Camera USA had a great presence allowing visitors an exclusive automotive photo walk with Ed Justice Jr.! Additionally, visitors had the opportunity to speak with product specialists to learn more about Leica's product line and get a peek at the new Leica Watches!

Why is Leica at Luftgekühlt?

Well, think about it. Much like Porsche, Leica cameras are often considered to be the most iconic camera in the world. They are known for their eye-catching design, high-quality lenses and their ability to produce sharp, detailed photos.

Leica Camera collectors are interested in the history and the future of the company. They are passionate about the company and its products and want to be part of its community by sharing their knowledge with others. Leica Camera collectors share their love for the product they collect by educating others about it through blogs, forums, and social media.  SOUND FAMILIAR??

The company is known for its quality, precision, and design. Leica cameras are a great investment and they are worth the price.


Pirelli was present and a proud sponsor of Luftgekühlt 8 and why not? If you think about it they have supplied Porsche for a long time!  Pirelli originally made bespoke tires for Porsche in the 1980’s and the harmony between Pirelli and Porsche is a beautiful one, one which is based on passion!

Visitors of their booth were lucky to be able to receive a special Pirelli x Luft 8 Collaboration Poster.


Luftgekühlt housed a dedicated Chopard pop-up (featuring a 1956 Porsche 550A Spyder Chassis Number 0142) as if simply being Chopard and this cool Spyder wasn’t enough to visit, Chopard unveiled a  25-piece limited edition Mille Miglia Chronograph - Luftgekühlt Edition. The luxurious watch is fitted with details that are a nod to car design codes.

Check this out!

The event is a lovely gathering of Porsche enthusiasts and has now become one of the most popular car shows in America and as mentioned featuring some of the most coveted Porsches on earth. Luftgekühlt is a great way to see some of the rarest and most expensive cars in the world up close and personal. It also gives you an opportunity to meet with like-minded car enthusiasts and have some fun while checking out amazing cars that you might not otherwise get to see.

Luftgekuhlt offers a one-of-a kind experience for those who are passionate about all things Porsche and want to immerse themselves further. Attendees found themselves surrounded by a stunning selection of cars, music, food and fellow enthusiasts—everything a car enthusiast could want!

Do not miss your chance to attend the next one, keep up to date with everything luft by visiting the website: 

I want to take a moment and provide my sincere gratitude and thanks to the Luftgekühlt team, their hospitality and open communication made it a pleasure to cover the event. THANK YOU!

Hope to see them (and you) at the next one.

Signing off,