Linde Werdelin Oktopus Volcano

The 15th of October was a special day, why you may ask? It saw the launch of an exclusive 8-piece limited edition of the new Linde Werdelin (LW) Oktopus Volcano, offering its owners an incredibly special piece of wearable art, melding
function with design, inspired by the toughest volcanic rock. 
LW collaborated (for a third time) with Master Engraver and artist Johnny Dowell, who said..

 "The application of 24kt gold into the titanium and the blackening of certain grooves is something I have never seen done before. Working on the previous Oktopus BluMoon with its titanium Grade 5 was a great test for me; I doubt I will ever engrave a harder material in my life; However, on this new project we wanted to go even further with what you can do as a watch engraver.” 

The unique case material and design reflects the boiling and cooling off of a volcano in action - the gold representing molten rock, the titanium the ash and the blackening the cooling lava, transporting its wearers to the harshest environments on earth. 

Each of the 8 timepieces has very slight variations in the design due to the hand engraving and therefore each piece is truly one of a kind.

The collection was in design and production for over one year and strikes a balance between high functionality - with water-resistance to a depth of 300 metres - and the highest levels of craftsmanship and artistry. 

The technical specs ensure this watch has been built for adventure and endurance - from volcanic heights to deepest seas – and is equally impressive on safer ground. 

It is the most dramatic collaboration with Dowell yet, and forms a trio with the previous two limited editions Oktopus Reef and Oktopus Crazy Universe, representing the deep sea, outer space, and volcanic rock respectively. 

Whereas the two first creations from 2015/2016 were engraved onto existing pieces (the Oktopus Double Date Gold Titanium for the Reef and the Oktopus BluMoon for the Crazy Universe) the Volcano is an entirely newly created piece. 

“The intricate engraving process for each piece takes several weeks, from planning the layout onto the watch to engraving and inlaying the 24 kt gold and finally creating the black effect. The details are created with a very fine cut done under a microscope or magnifying loop – this takes the longest time and extreme focus and patience” commented Dowell. 

Dowell trained with renowned British gunmakers James Purdey & Sons for 15 years as a gun engraver. Since then he has gone on engrave for select watch, jewelry, motorcycle and fashion 

"If you look back at watch engraving, it is a lot of traditional, ornate patterns, and you know modern day people want to see something completely different... it has a pattern feel to it, it's an effect as 
well as trying to portray a volcano" commented Dowell.

Available exclusively via the Linde Werdelin online store:   

or contacting

As of this post, the Oktopus Volcano will be made in numbered pieces up to 8 and is priced at £18,000 excluding VAT or equivalent in other currencies.

P.s. You don't have to take my word for it, hear it from the source themselves, a special video from Mr. Jorn Werdelin and Johnny Dowell.

Signing off,