Beyond the Brand - Ludovic Ballouard

Beyond the Brand - Ludovic Ballouard

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Today we bring you Ludovic Ballouard, from the unique and creative mind of his own house simply Ludovic Ballouard.

Who is Ludovic Ballouard?

Ludovic Ballouard is a witty and eccentric independent watchmaker who creates unique highly complicated timepieces in Geneva that embody his philosophy and heart. He questions humanities relationship with time whilst never forgetting to add a touch of humor.

With his two in-house complications you will find watches that you cannot find anywhere else. As Ludovic finds it important that we live in the moment and has found a way to convey his philosophy through mechanical timepieces

In-House Complications


Born in 1971 in Brittany, France which is where he also studied watchmaking, Ludovic arrived in Geneva in 1998 to pursue a career in watchmaking.

He started off in Franck Muller where he was leading the after sales services department for three years. Following his departure from Franck Muller, one afternoon Ludovic telephoned a friend who was working at F.P. Journe and as fate would have it a highly sought-after position as a watchmaker had become vacant that very morning. He was initially only going to work for six months but ended up staying for seven years. In his last three years with F.P. Journe Ludovic was responsible for assembling the outstanding and extremely complicated Sonnerie Souveraine, his work with these marvels proved that Ludovic Ballouard was and is a highly talented watchmaker.

The Upside Down Watch

Leap of Faith....

The year was 2009 when Ludovic decided to take the leap of faith and leave F.P. Journe to pursue his lifelong dream of creating his own timepieces. The financial crisis was roaring around the world and everywhere he turned he’d be faced with the news of money being lost. It seemed like the world was obsessed with money and as though the entire world had turned upside down. All he could think was that we should live in the moment because if one thing is functioning the rest shouldn’t matter. That is how the first Upside Down watch was conceived, over 10 years ago…

Passionate, he works and assembles each watch in the countryside of Geneva by himself.

"The way time is presented in the Upside Down should remind you how important it is to live in the moment. The past time and the future time are, literally, presented upside down to tell you that there should be no regrets about the past which you cannot change and no qualms for the future which you don’t know anything about."

A stunning artisan with a deep appreciation of the art of watchmaking, Ludovic Ballouard is one of a kind in design and quality, to order yours visit

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