Chronogroup_la x Chopard

Chronogroup_LA x Chopard

Special recognition to Jarrod from LA Chrono also know as their Instagram handle chronogroup_la an Instagram group of like minded individuals sharing their love via the gram! If you haven't already give them a follow! 

Also and equally important thanks to Chopard of the South Coast Plaza for hosting and organizing such a lovely event.  Specifically Jean-Louis and Anne Lee, for their contact information please scroll down to the end of this article (after reading it!) for their contact information, visit the boutique and/or visit them for your next luxury good purchase!

Now forward we go...

Who would of thought nestled in a boutique hotel on a Saturday in LA there would be a luxury showcase of Haute Horology and Ultra Fine Jewelry.  Not just any showcase mind you, this one is special why you may ask?


Well first, it was from the high end house of Chopard. Second, this was an exclusive event showcasing some never released or seen before pieces for the Oscars taking place the next day, where the who's who in the entertainment industry gather.

Approaching the hotel I was greeted by the wonderful front desk staff, in an ode to old Hollywood I was given a faux guest name to ask for at the front desk, the staff looked at one another with a smirk.  I was immediately ushered to an elevator as the concierge scanned the key card and directed me to the 5th floor and informed me to go to a particular room (still secret to this day!).

Having done so and entering the room I was immediately drawn to how quaint, organized and comfortable the entire experience was meant to be.  Representatives from Chopard along with members of LA Chrono, catering staff and  private security were present, all greeting me with a smile and urging me to sit down and join the crowd.

There was plenty of food and drink for the guests to be had, graciously catered by staff and I already sensed a engaging discussion about the unique pieces that were present.  

Let me tell you, I've been a private collector for over 25 years and have traveled the world in my pursuit of horology; there were some very unique and even 1 of 1 timepieces available to view, discuss and get this, hold! 

One of my favorites was this beautiful minute repeater the L.U.C. Full strike, a wonderful and quite thin (for a minute repeater) timepiece with a charming sound and beautiful resonance.

Minute repeaters by nature are some of the world's most difficult and complex movements to engineer and do right, well guess what Chopard knocked it out of the park with this one, take a view and turn up the volume!!

Currently this is the only one out on display in the world, I truly understand and see why.  

Another beauty that caught my eye was the L.U.C. All - In - One, a beautiful hand wound perpetual calendar set in platinum.  The sheer beauty and design of this watch and complication left me breathless, the a/r coating alone is remarkable, literally this watch appears to be see-through.

You can imagine the quality of timepieces and jewelry that were brought out, have a look at some of my favorites below.

All in all this was an extremely unique and well put together event, Chopard definitely understands the luxury goods market and the clientele it serves, it was an extreme privilege to be invited and even a more extreme honor to be able to cover this event for my blog.

With extreme gratitude to LA Chrono and Chopard of South Coast Plaza for their hospitality, willingness and hard work!

Chopard South Coast Plaza please contact:

Jean-Louis Bilbault– Chopard USA Ltd.
Boutique Director
3333 Bristol Street, Suite 2409
– Costa Mesa, Ca 92626 - USA
Tel. +1-714-432-0963 Ext 6167

E-mail: -


Anne Lee – Chopard USA Ltd,. INC.
Business Development Manager - Costa Mesa
3333 Bristol Street Suite 2409 – Costa Mesa, CA 92626 – USA
Tel. +1-714-432-0963 – Mobile +1-305-927-1090
Signing off,