Linde Werdelin & Their Ingenuity

Linde Werdelin & Their Ingenuity 

At the time of writing this article the world in its entirety is  at a stand-still due to the Covid 19 pandemic.  However, your daily obligations and responsibilities are not.  There are a whole host of suggested guidelines that one must follow and adhere to so that one remains healthy and keep their family safe.

Where am I going with all this? And how does this relate to Linde Werdelin and their watches?  The answer is very simple, and it dawned on my recently......  

Many years before our current need and much ahead of the design curve Linde Werdelin introduced and made available the use of a standard and interchangeable strap system for ALL their watches.  Simply put, ONE Linde Werdelin watch, MANY strap options, a MULTITUDE  of watch designs, styles and colors are available to you.  As a Linde Werdlin owner the ease of changing your watch straps is very simple, quick and reliable.  

Don't believe me? Look at this video:

Constantly cleaning your watches?
I must admit, I have taken this feature for granted. I find myself cleaning my watches with soap and water, scrubbing away any dirt or residue that may be present.  Recently, I have even been more vigilant in cleaning my Linde Werdelin every time I wear it (just about every day).  

Although most sports watches are water-resistant, through time various gaskets and seals may not be as efficient as they once were, allowing  moisture, steam and and even soap or cleaning solutions entering the watch case and causing a variety of issues to the movement, dial and other delicate parts.  

How does Linde Werdelin Differ?
With my Linde Werdlin and the various strap options I have, I quickly remove the straps from the case, give them a quick and thorough rinse and leave them out to dry.  While my current strap set is off the case I quickly add on another set of my choosing.  

Many Options
Currently their are 21 different strap options available, ranging from Rubber (currently my preference) to exotic materials such as alligator; allowing me to go from sport to dress in no-time.  For me, personally, I feel as though I have a new watch every time I change the watch strap.  

For those who are fashion conscious the wide range of colors and materials will allow you to virtually match anything! Some people even go as far as to match their Linde Werdelin with their car!!

Take a look at the entire Linde Werdelin strap collection :

New to Linde Werdelin?
So many of you are possibly new to my blog and the world of Linde Werdlin and you may be intrigued, but also at the same time hesitant to purchase a new watch.  

I completely understand and have been there myself.  Linde Werdelin is one (to be honest I can't think of another brand) if not the only watch brand to directly offer pre-owned watches directly through their website.  They started offering pre-owned watches on their website since 2016!  Buying through the direct Linde Werdelin pre-owned section of the website, they thoroughly assess the market price for each watch and offer full authenticity as well as a 12 month guarantee additionally and if needed even a complete service. 

The beauty of the entire program is that it saves time for the customer selling their watch and gives the buyer assurance and comfort as to the authenticity and quality Linde Werdelin is known for. Lastly, they can always come back to Linde Werdelin in the future, whereas other sellers can disappear.

Linde Werdelin's philosophy on pre-owned watches:
It all started when Linde Werdlin started receiving multiple requests to look at the authenticity and pricing of Linde Werdelin pre-owned watches that individuals were considering buying from private sellers or even third party pre-owned platforms.

Linde Werdelin felt that their business was evolving into a more customer-centric model, and that instead of solely focusing on selling new watches to new customers, they wanted to serve new and existing customers more completely.  This resulted in providing an ownership model that sees the life of the watch throughout its journey with Linde Werdelin – even when selling it. Ingenious!

In closing
Thought I would share my recent thoughts on Linde Werdelin with you all, the entire team at Linde Werdlin is very passionate about the brand and stand behind it with excellent customer service, continuous development and engineering and forward thinking design and collaborative efforts, read my article about Linde Werdelin x Johnny Dowell here:

I wish you all the best until my next post and in usual fashion signing off,