2020 Quite The Year! Quite The Year for Linde Werdelin!

A review of 2020's news from one of my favorites Linde Werdelin

Taking some time to reflect and now that the year has finally passed us by I have been reviewing some of the announcements by the major brands in fashion, automobiles and of course horology.  One brand seems to stand out with the constant force of announcements, great news and innovation for the entire year.  That is of course also one of my favorites Linde Werdelin.

It all started with the announcement and the launch of two new Spidolite models. Linde Werdelin's Spido range was originally inspired by a team of explorers climbing Mount Everest. Its precision engineering has since been tested in the toughest conditions where only few people venture. In its first launch of the new decade, Linde Werdelin introduces Arktis blue and Summit green colors to the classic SpidoLite Titanium collection.  

This was early on in 2020, followed up by some remarkable news where it was announced that Linde Werdelin has been awarded the Butterfly Mark in recognition of excellence in sustainability. An award for various fulfilled criteria which have all been recognised by this certification and are fundamental to the business. 

Founder Jorn Werdelin comments: “For a long time we have had the planet and climate in mind when thinking about production and how we conduct ourselves, in particular to pay respect to our source of inspiration: mountains and sea. Over the last few years we have moved towards a more sustainable and circular model of operating. I have personally found it a long and challenging process and very much a mindset, as every decision taken needs to be considered carefully. We will progress a lot further and we are very pleased that our continued efforts have been recognized by the Butterfly Mark.” 

To achieve such an award in horology is not easy, for those in the industry the knowledge of consumable, chemical and other waste is a topic that has long been discussed.  The manufacturing of any good is a difficult process and at many times renders sustainability very difficult to implement and sustain; Linde Werdelin has done both! and have received an award from one of the most prestigious organizations recognizing such!

And then......

Well, I don't need to tell you what happened in early 2020, a global pandemic shuttered and disrupted major industries, supply chains and the day-to-day business of a multitude of businesses worldwide.  However poised with these challenges and through the difficult times Linde Werdelin still, forges ahead.

The announcement and release of one of my favorites! (yes, I am biased on this one!)  the beautiful GMT 3 Timer. The perfect watch for travelling, inspired by the changing waters of the North Sea. Featuring a striking blue fume dial and a sandblasted case. The dial is a real highlight of this new piece and I have always loved fume dials, this one is a stunner!!

One would think already a busy year and to take a bit of reprieve right? WRONG! Yet another stunning watch is released and one of my favorite complications from the brand.  The launching of a beautiful diver's watch the last launch this summer before a break - the Oktopus MoonLite - accompanied by an in-house moonphase complication for night dives (yes in-house!), and an entire case formed from Alloy Linde Werdelin (ALW) that is twice the strength of steel and half the weight of titanium.

Linde Werdelin’s in-house moonphase complication is at the heart of the Oktopus MoonLite, a statement of the brand's adventurous spirit, and directly applicable to diving. The moonphase complication enables divers to track the development of the moon phases and the impact on tides and ambient light, to plan the optimal time for night dives. Moon was the first in-house complication designed and developed by Linde Werdelin in 2010. Quite remarkable!

To close out a very very busy year for Linde Werdelin and one of many collaborations between the brand and unique and talented artists (read the collaborative Oktopus Volcano watch with Johnny Dowell here)

A first collaboration between Linde Werdelin and James Thompson of Black Badger, the Oktopus Blue Sea pushes the boundaries of what is possible with a lume dial.

During the day, Oktopus Blue Sea is clean and monochromatic, with a subtle dial. In darkness, however, the piece comes to life and features three different colours of the Badgerite lume. These shades of blue become progressively darker as you go down deeper into the watch.  What a beautiful piece!! 

Now how cool is that!!  If you are just discovering the brand, Linde Werdelin has always been on the cutting edge of technology, manufacturing and design.  As you can see here 2020 was quite a busy year for them, and without a doubt I am sure they will be carrying that spirit with them well into 2021 and beyond.  

Lastly, I must mention that ALL Linde Werdelin straps are interchangeable and Linde Werdelin is one of the few companies that they, themselves support a healthy offering of pre-owned models.  Check those out on their website here Linde Werdelin Pre-Owned.

Thanks for joining me on this quick recap of a very busy and dedicated brand!

Signing off,