Linde Werdelin awarded the Butterfly Mark in Recognition of Excellence in Sustainability.

Linde Werdelin has been awarded the Butterfly Mark in recognition of excellence in sustainability. 

An award for various fulfilled criteria: its consideration of the environmental and social impact throughout the design and production process; a diverse and inclusive workforce; energy efficiency, the reduction and work towards 100% recyclable and reusable packaging, and a pre-owned service as well as take-back schemes, part of its wider participation in a circular economy, have all been recognised by this certification and are fundamental to the business.

Founder Jorn Werdelin commented: “For a long time we have had the planet and climate in mind when thinking about production and how we conduct ourselves, in particular to pay respect to our source of inspiration: mountains and sea. Over the last few years we have moved towards a more sustainable and circular model of operating. I have personally found it a long and challenging process and very much a mindset, as every decision taken needs to be considered carefully. We will progress a lot further and we are very pleased that our continued efforts have been recognised by the Butterfly Mark.”

Linde Werdelin is fundamentally a business that is not dependent on making more and more but rather on making less, with exclusive limited series launches, a pre-owned service and the ability to customise existing watches into something new.

In 2015, Linde Werdelin greatly reduced their traditional wholesale distribution channels, preferring to primarily sell direct to avoid over-production and minimize the need to travel frequently and extensively. By adopting a largely direct to consumer model, they have reduced air travel between 2014 and 2019 by 90%. 

A focus on limited production - trying to produce upon demand - means they can now manage production with close to 100% efficiency. 

Officespaces have been changed to a mixed-use space, thereby minimising any unused space and the energy consumption that comes with it. 

Linde Werdelin were the first to launch an in-house pre-owned watch platform in 2016.

The brand wanted to approach sustainability in the most direct way– to produce less overall and therefore encourage people to consume less. By leading in pre-owned, they have taken responsibility for all the watches made since 2002 – an early illustration of the shift to a more circular economy.

In manufacturing new products, the brand uses recyclable and reusable materials. 

They produce minimal printed marketing material and focus on functional accessories with purchase such as watch boxes to travel with or a dust bag resisting tough weather conditions.

Ultimately, it is the relationship between the brand and clients that drives the brand forward.

“The value of the relationships we have built with our clients over time are essential; from when they first experience a Linde Werdelin, to the next steps in their journey, whether it be to customise and make new, re-sell through our in-house service or pass it on to the next generation; these long-term relationships are key to achieving a more conscious approach for our brand,” commented Werdelin.

Positive Luxury celebrates brands that act with a deep respect for our world and generations to come. They provide transparency through the interactive Butterfly Mark, showcasing brands positive actions and enabling people to buy better. The Butterfly Mark is widely recognised as a guarantee of excellence in sustainability.

To be awarded the Butterfly Mark, companies are required to respond positively to a minimum of 80% of questions in the rigorous sustainability assessment and are required to provide additional documents to support their application. Positive Luxury has built an engaged following of consumers who care about sustainability; a brand with the Butterfly Mark is a brand to trust.

Linde Werdelin has specifically been awarded the following Positive Actions:

  • Conscious Design
  • Circular Economy
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Reduces Packing
  • Recyclable Packaging
  • Reduces Waste
  • Take-back scheme

Congratulations to Linde Werdelin! 

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