Linde Werdelin - Circular Economy Pioneer

Linde Werdelin was named Circular Economy Pioneer of the Year by Positive luxury, in recognition of its in-house resale
platform, direct sales approach and use of recyclable and reusable materials.

The ‘make-use-dispose’ model, which has been favoured by so many companies in the past is no longer viable, and many luxury brands including Linde Werdelin know this. A shifting approach towards a circular economy means that materials and products are in use for as long as possible.

A "Circular Economy"

This Circular Economy Pioneer of the Year category celebrates the luxury brand that has taken a unique approach to a circular economy model. The judges were looking for a brand that curbs waste levels and creates a circular flow of resources benefitting the organisation as well as the surrounding community.

They were looking for a business that implements all of this in an innovative way, and engages with stakeholders along the way to communicate the benefits of a circular economy model.

“Linde Werdelin was one of the first brands to launch an in-house platform for pre-owned watches, which is an incredible way to promote extending the life of a product. That, along with their use of recyclable and reusable materials, makes us excited to present them with the Circular Economy of the Year Award.” 

Diana Verde Nieto, CEO and Co-Founder, Positive Luxury.

Linde Werdelin received the award in a competitive field of nominees including Louis Vuitton and Rebecca Taylor.

“We are very pleased that our efforts have been recognised by the Butterfly Mark and in particular as winner of Circular Economy Pioneer of the Year.

Over the last few years, we have moved towards a more sustainable and circular model of operating, both in terms of our direct sales approach and our in-house resale service, the first of its kind in the industry. 

I have personally found it a long and challenging process and very much a mindset, where practically every decision taken needs to include that view. 

We anticipate our efforts will be further strengthened through the membership and support of this like-minded community.” - CEO and co-founder Jorn Werdelin

Linde Werdelin Sustainability 

Linde Werdelin was awarded the Positive Luxury Butterfly mark in February 2020, in recognition of excellence in sustainability. A consideration of the environmental and social impact of design and production; a diverse and inclusive workforce; energy efficiency, the reduction and work towards 100% recyclable and reusable packaging, and a pre-owned service and take-back schemes, part of our wider participation in a circular economy, have all been recognised by this certification and are fundamental to our business. 

About Positive Luxury

Positive Luxury is the company behind the Butterfly Mark, a unique mark awarded to luxury  lifestyle brands in recognition of their commitment to creating a positive impact on our world. 

The Mark recognises a brand’s actions across these key areas: governance, social and 
environmental frameworks, community investment and innovation. 

They evaluate brands through a comprehensive assessment process that is reviewed by a Sustainability Council, industry experts and institutional partners. When a brand passes their assessment process, they receive the Butterfly Mark, which visibly authenticates luxury brands that contribute to a better world.

Hats off again to Linde Werdelin and the remarkable work they are still doing in the industry.

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