Linde Werdelin - Spidolite Titanium Arktis

Linde Werdelin - Spidolite Titanium Arktis

Let me start this blog by telling you I haven't been this excited about a watch in a long time! Linde Werdelin's Spido range was originally inspired by a team of explorers climbing Mount Everest. Its precision engineering has since been tested in the toughest conditions where only few people venture.  These are the first offerings entering a new decade in independent watchmaking, from one of the best to do it! Linde Werdelin!

In its first launch of the new decade, Linde Werdelin introduces the Arktis blue and Summit green colors to the classic SpidoLite Titanium collection, which in itself is an iconic line from the brand.

In typical Linde Werdelin fashion their watches are not only beautifully crafted and engineered but also well worn in real life conditions; last month, the SpidoLite was taken by explorer Leo Houlding to the summit of Mount Roraima, where he successfully led a team to complete a new big-wall free climb in the Amazon rain forest in Guyana.

This follows on from Linde Werdelin's earliest expedition with Leo, when he brought the original Biformeter Elemental to Mount Everest in 2007, testing and informing our approach of extreme weight-reduction and inspiring the development of the SpidoLite - where everything possible has been stripped down - without losing any strength in the construction. Continuing this journey of weight optimization, the new Spidolite Titanium models share their stripped back aesthetics with the rest of the collection These essential Linde Werdelin pieces feature a highly technical and unique case designed for mountaineering and skiing, where the balance of lightness with functionality is critical to success. 

In order to keep the essence of the original Spidolite, the titanium outer case is exposed. Each piece is produced individually with highly intricate engineering in multiple layers. The Concepto developed and modified movement has ceramic bearings and an enhanced balance wheel to make it more shock resistant and well-suited to extreme activities. The Linde Werdelin Rotor in black complements the black crown and the movements backplate has an intricate Spido icon reminiscent of a spiderweb.                           

The Arktis blue dial is paired with a blue natural rubber or textile strap and the Summit green dial is accompanied by a black natural rubber or textile strap. The Linde Werdelin interchangeable strap system comes as a further benefit to the customer.

Available now to order in a limited edition of 75 pieces, check out this and the entire collection at

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